Troot in the Shed (2019)

“Troot in the Shed” aims at making pupils aware of the Brown Trout and Sea-Trout life cycles through presentations and hands-on activities – the highlight of the initiative being hatching trout ova (provided by the local fishing association) on the school ground and monitoring the experiment on a daily basis to record the various stages from egg to alevin and fingerling. For its 9th edition, starting in a few days, “Troot in the Shed 2019” is set to run at  Stronsay Junior High and Jamie, who actively takes part in the Angling For Youth and Development course, will be in charge of the project.
The “Troot in the Shed” project owes its name to the buildings where the trout are usually hatched… There is an already existing initiative across the country called “Trout in the Classroom” but it requires an extensive set-up including a cooled tank costing in excess of £1,000 which isn’t an option. We manage here to hatch these trout using very basic materials either already in schools  or donated by members of the community and local businesses, thus reducing cost to a minimum.

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