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All eggs hatched at St Andrews Primary

The news from the St Andrews school is that all the ova have hatched over the last couple of days. Let’s hope that they all make it to the Burn of Quoykea, in a month’s time, when it’s time to … Continue reading

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New batch of ova for St Andrews Primary

  A new ova delivery took place at St Andrews Primary this morning, following last week’s incident… The eyes are merely beginning to show and most of those eggs will hopefully turn into alevins and fry and bring a fresh … Continue reading

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Disaster at St. Andrews…

It was discovered yesterday that all the ova had died at the St Andrews school, the cause of death being a rise in water temperature caused by a lamp left on. If any other schools use a light source close … Continue reading

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“Troot in the Shed 2014” on Dreamstore Academy website  

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St Andrews pupils release their fry in the Quoykea Burn

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Following a desperate rescue operation¬† a few weeks ago, the St Andrews fry were ready to be released. Conrad had been keeping a close eye on them lately, removing the odd dead alevin and cooling down the tank with frozen … Continue reading

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Troot in the Shed 2014 update

Hi everybody, Just a quick update on Troot in the Shed 2014 so far: Stromness Primary: The alevins were successfuly released in the Mill Burn last week. Sanday School:¬† The alevins are very healthy and have suffered virtually no loss. … Continue reading

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Rescue operation at St.Andrews!

Mrs. Reid emailed us a couple of days ago and sounded rather worried about the fate of the alevins at the St.Andrews tank…¬† The water was murky, it was very difficult to see what was going on inside the tank … Continue reading

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