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Release of the North Walls alevins!

A big thank you to Jim Erskine from whom I received this very detailed report this afternoon and to Sarah for emailing me the photos: “Thursday 24th March was the chosen release day for the North Walls troot. Unfortunately the weather … Continue reading

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Ova deliveries completed to five Orkney schools

Five Orkney schools are taking part in the “Troot in the Shed” programme this year: Stromness Primary Orphir Primary (involved this year for the first time) North Walls Primary on Hoy Sanday Junior High Stronsay Junior High Malcolm Thomson delivered … Continue reading

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Fry release on Hoy

I received this report from Jim Erskine a couple of weeks ago regarding the fry release by the North Walls school on Hoy: “For the first time, we enjoyed a calm, warm and sunny day for the fry release in … Continue reading

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“Troot in the Shed 2014” on Dreamstore Academy website  

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North Walls pupils release their fry in the Ore Burn

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Last Tuesday, Mr Erskine sailed across to Hoy to help the North Walls children with the release of their fry.  At least 250 fry were released and even though they were slimmer than last year, they were still frisky enough … Continue reading

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Troot in the Shed 2014 update

Hi everybody, Just a quick update on Troot in the Shed 2014 so far: Stromness Primary: The alevins were successfuly released in the Mill Burn last week. Sanday School:  The alevins are very healthy and have suffered virtually no loss. … Continue reading

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Hatching started at North Walls

I’ve just received a message from Mr Stout this morning saying that some ova have started hatching over the week-end! The Hoy team are still doing a great job and have kept mortality levels extremely low with only one more … Continue reading

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