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Ova deliveries completed to five Orkney schools

Five Orkney schools are taking part in the “Troot in the Shed” programme this year: Stromness Primary Orphir Primary (involved this year for the first time) North Walls Primary on Hoy Sanday Junior High Stronsay Junior High Malcolm Thomson delivered … Continue reading

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Lifecycle of the Orkney brown trout (by Ieuan, Jack & Thomas)

Ieuan, Jack and Thomas produced this interesting presentation on the lifecycle of the Orkney brown trout during their AFYD (Angling For Youth Development) lesson at the Stronsay School. They are also in charge, along with James, of the mini hatchery … Continue reading

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Introducing fish, fry or ova…

As our 5th edition of “Troot in the Shed” is about to start in the next couple of weeks, it was the perfect time to fill in all those forms to apply for the future release of our fry. Releasing … Continue reading

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“Troot in the Shed 2014” on Dreamstore Academy website  

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68 day-old brown trout fry

As promised last month, here’s a new video of the same small brown trout 4 weeks later. Their yolk sacs are completely reabsorbed now and they have started feeding actively.

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Brown trout alevins

This short video features 38 day-old alevins kept at an average temperature of about 7˚C. I’ll post another video once the yolk sac has been completely reabsorbed.

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AFYD angling trip to the Mainland (13th & 14th June 2013)

June 13th and 14th saw plenty of angling action along the shores of the lochs of Kirbister and Harray. This was part of the Stronsay School’s annual AFYD fishing trip to the Orkney Mainland which involved S5 pupils who had … Continue reading

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