2019 KGS Kirbister Loch OTFA/AFYD angling trips on May 29/30

There was a cold West wind on the first day and the 14 young anglers fished the SW shore. The trout were not very active, probably due to the cold wind, but the young anglers still managed to catch 7 trout with David Cowieson being the most successful with 3 fish.
20190529_135929.jpgHopes were high for the competition day, when the forecast NNW wind would allow fishing on the usually more productive East shore. However, it proved to be the least productive day in the 40 year history of the competition. Very few fish were caught by the adults fishing fly and only one trout was caught by the young competitors. Reece Lowe’s one small trout won him the Orkneyinga cup for senior bait and also the W Shearer cup for largest fish. The only other fish caught was a stickleback, hooked by Erlend Muir.
No fish were caught on fly lines and the WS Sinclair cup was again unclaimed. This is the first year in seven that the new Bobby Windwick cup for Junior Bait has not been won.
The loch was very low, despite the recent rain, which has raised the level of all the other Orkney lochs. Perhaps Scottish Water have opened the sluice to allow work on the dam or fish ladder . The low level may have resulted in the trout moving into the deep water, well away from the shore. The cold and quite strong North wind didn’t help.
All the competitors received prizes or gifts donated by WS Sinclair and Stockans. W Shearer provided discounted packs of floats, hooks and worms for the young anglers. As usual, OTFA will pay for memento trophies.
KGS Depute Head Neil Ewing organised and supervised the 2 days of angling, helped by KGS staff Andy Torbet, Phil Lonley, Joe McCall, David Fletcher and Lynn Wilson. Lynn enjoyed catching her first trout on fly and bubble.
The KGS pupils all persevered, despite the poor fishing. They are now much more proficient at assembling tackle, tying knots, casting and preventing or untangling fixed spool fankles . They should have more success if they have the opportunity to fish some of the other lochs in Orkney.

20190530_145427.jpg20190530_212407 (1)

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