KGS Kirbister Loch OTFA/AFYD angling trips and competition


There were non-competition trips on the previous 2 days. Despite the difficult, very sunny, light wind conditions, some good fish were caught, including a 17 oz brown trout and a couple of sea trout weighing 9oz and 23oz.
On the competition day, the forecast light SE wind and cloudy sky didn’t occur and instead it was sunny again, with the wind freshening and veering to SSW. The young anglers therefore had to cope with casting into the wind on the lee shore. The trout were much less active than on the previous 2 days and were far out from the shore.
Reece Lowe won the Junior Bait section and the Bobby Windwick cup with 2 trout weighing 14.4oz. Ade Sclater came second with a trout weighing 9.4oz.
The Senior Bait section and Orkneyinga cup were won by Brian Elder, who weighed in 2 trout totalling 1 lb 3oz. Liam Barnett was second with a 6oz trout caught on fly and bubble (allowed in the bait section). Brian was also presented with the W Shearer cup as he had the largest fish, weighing 12.9oz.
No fish were caught on fly lines and the WS Sinclair cup was therefore not claimed.
All the competitors received prizes or gifts donated by WS Sinclair and Stockans. W Shearer provided discounted packs of floats, hooks and worms for the young anglers.
KGS Depute Head Neil Ewing organised and supervised the 3 days of angling. KGS staff Andy Torbet, Simon Hall, Kay Hume, Joe McCall, David Fletcher and Gemma Harcus gave assistance to the young anglers and helped at the weigh in.
Although they didn’t all catch fish, the KGS pupils all worked hard at developing their angling skills and are now much more proficient at assembling tackle, tying knots and especially casting. Perhaps some of their parents or relatives will take them on angling trips to Kirbister or other lochs, when the weather conditions are more favourable.


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  1. Guy says:

    Très sympa cette sortie compétition. Merci

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