Ova delivered to the Sanday School! (31/01/2018)

After a gap year, due to problems in collecting ova during the 2016-17 season, “Troot in the Shed” is back and 2 Orkney schools will be able to hatch their own brown trout ova before releasing the alevins in the nearby lochs.
On Tuesday 30th January, Mr Pietri collected fertilised ova from the Kirbister Loch hatchery and delivered them to the Sanday School which was well prepared to the occasion!
Part of the school’s “Rich Tasks” , it was decided that we would run “Troot in the Shed 2018” in slightly different conditions from the previous sessions. Instead of hatching our ova in a shed, we are going to try and hatch them outside in a rain water-fed butt. A wooden box with a mesh bottom has been designed and assembled in class under the supervision of Craft & Design Technology teacher Ms Dixon and it’s been fixed to the butt so that the eggs are covered by 3 or 4 in. of water. A lid keeps the ova in the dark, to replicate the natural conditions, as if they were buried under the gravel of a stream, and when the days start to warm up, a solar panel air pump will provide extra oxygen to maintain a healthy water quality.

More posts to come shortly!



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4 Responses to Ova delivered to the Sanday School! (31/01/2018)

  1. Susan Crow says:

    Bravo! Really impressed – best of luck to all involved.

    • Mr. Pietri says:

      Thank you very much Susan! This is the first time we’re trying to hatch ova outside, so it will be interesting to see how it compares with hatching them in a more controlled environment (like currently at the Stronsay School).
      Thanks again for visiting our blog!

  2. guy says:

    Nice to read you guys

    • Mr. Pietri says:

      Bonjour Guy!
      Content de te relire sur notre blog et merci pour ta visite! Comme tu as pu t’en rendre compte, notre projet de mini-écoloserie n’a pas eu lieu l’année dernière car l’association de pêche n’avait pas été en mesure de récolter les oeufs durant l’automne 2016. Pas de problème cette année avec une vingtaine de boites bien remplies d’oeufs de truites fario orcadiennes!
      Au plaisir de te lire Guy!

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