OTFA / AFYD School Competition – Kirbister Loch – 2nd June


The OTFA/ AFYD  school competition was held on Kirbister loch on Thursday  2nd June. The weather was dire, with a very strong and cold North wind and heavy showers. This year, only KGS pupils were involved and 15 of them tried their best to master the very difficult angling conditions. After getting off the service bus, the pupils had to walk to the OTFA Hatchery to tackle up, before a further long walk into the bracing wind to reach the relative shelter in the lee of the windward Groundwater shore.

Frazer Merriman won the Senior Bait section and the   Orkneyinga cup with a 6.75oz trout caught in the last 5 minutes.   Jack Marwick was 2nd with a 6oz fish  on fly and bubble ( allowed in the bait section). Unfortunately  Connor Hancock lost a much bigger trout, just as it was about to be netted. The seniors tried for 3 hours without hooking a fish; all the activity came in the last half hour.

The Junior bait section and Bobby Windwick cup were  won by Craig Brough with 2 trout weighing 12.25oz. Alice Griffiths was 2nd with a trout weighing  11.5oz. Alice was also presented with the  W Shearer cup for catching  the largest fish.  Magnus Moodie came 3rd with a 9.75oz  trout.

The W S Sinclair cup was unclaimed, as no fish were caught by the one pupil brave enough to fish fly. Andrew Harvey only started to cast with a fly rod the previous day and showed plenty of the patience and perseverance needed to master the art. Unfortunately all  the trout were well away from the shore, outside the range of a beginner wearing wellies.  In recent years Kirbister seems to have become more difficult  to fly fish, without using waders or very  long casts.

All the winners and competitors received prizes  or gifts, thanks to very welcome donations from  Orkney Surveying Services,  W S Sinclair, Skip Sommerville and the family of Bobby Windwick.  The new Orkneyinga  and W Shearer cups were obtained using  a generous donation from regular visiting anglers Roland and Daphne Robinson.

KGS Depute Head  Neil Ewing organised and supervised the trip, ably assisted by   Skip Sommerville , Kerry Warman  Judith Scott, Andy Torbet and Rick Thomson.


J. Erskine


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