“Troot in the Shed” at Stromness Primary

Last week, Mr Cowan emailed me some photos of his pupils at Stromness Primary, setting-up the tank with the ova and making sure the water was kept cool. Cool, oxygenated water is the key to success to hatch the eggs and keep the fry alive. After all, the aim is get as close as possible to  natural conditions found in the upper reaches of a small burn in Orkney in winter: fast flowing crystal clear water running over a bed of clean gravel at a temperature between 3 and 7 degrees… It sounds very simple but you will soon be faced with many challenges when trying to set up your tank in a school building… It was interesting to see that Mr Cowan’s pupils made the most of the little snow fall we had back in mid-February to lower the temperature! Good thinking!

Mr P.

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2 Responses to “Troot in the Shed” at Stromness Primary

  1. Guy Echasseriau says:

    Toujours fidèle et intéressé par cette action pédagogique. Merci et croisons les doigts pour la suite.

    • Mr. Pietri says:

      Merci à toi, Guy mon fidèle lecteur! Deux autres “lâchers” devraient avoir lieu dans les prochains jours: Sanday Junior High est prévu pour demain et Stronsay Junior High pour mercredi. Je posterai un petit compte-rendu et des photos dans les jours qui suivent.
      Merci encore pour tes encouragements!

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