Fry release on Hoy


I received this report from Jim Erskine a couple of weeks ago regarding the fry release by the North Walls school on Hoy:

“For the first time, we enjoyed a calm, warm and sunny day for the fry release in the Ore burn.Northwalls1

18 pupils each released 10 fry, just above the  bridge and the remaining 25+  were released a bit further up the burn. Despite the very late release, the fry were still very lively and difficult to net.

The very pleasant, quick to learn and enthusiastic pupils also spent some time  examining trout  angling equipment and learning to tie a couple of angling knots.

Northwalls4 Northwalls3

The late release was only possible because  Olivia and Trish volunteered to look after the fry during the Easter holiday.
Despite a spell of hot weather in April, the tank temperature only reached 10C on one day.  Low night-time temperatures  compensated for  the high day-time ones.”

(Photographs: Mary Harris)

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