News from Sanday

Troot Cycle

“The Troot Lifecycle” by the Sanday pupils

For the third year running, the Sanday school have put their shed to good use and it is again the home for a batch of Harray Loch brown trout ova. As in the past, pupils and teachers have embraced the project with a lot of enthusiasm, care and a desire to get everything right!

There were concerns raised earlier on, when, for up to a week following the transfer in their tank, the odd ovum would die, which the school isn’t used to, with a near-perfect track record! Everybody is relieved now that things have settled and no more dead ova have had to be removed for the last ten days. We can now distinctly notice the eyes beginning to appear inside the egg  (see photo below).


Eyes clearly showing on the Sanday ova this morning.

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4 Responses to News from Sanday

  1. Kristen Muir says:

    What a good photo of the tank! It is nice to see all the healthy ova up close. We hope to add more detail to the display board in the coming weeks.

  2. Mr. Pietri says:

    Hello Mrs Muir!
    The eyes show very well from that angle but are hardly noticeable from above!
    Looking forward to seeing the improvements to the display board.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Kristen Muir says:

    We have started hatching at last! Four alevin were seen at lunchtime today 🙂

  4. Mr. Pietri says:

    Excellent news Mrs Muir!
    Mind you, two of them could have been Bill and Fred who hatched in the classroom on Tuesday while under the microscope! I’ll upload the video showing Fred coming out of the shell shortly… 😉

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