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Lifecycle of the Orkney brown trout (by Ieuan, Jack & Thomas)

Ieuan, Jack and Thomas produced this interesting presentation on the lifecycle of the Orkney brown trout during their AFYD (Angling For Youth Development) lesson at the Stronsay School. They are also in charge, along with James, of the mini hatchery … Continue reading

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Stromness Primary underway!

This is copy & paste from Mrs Kelday’s blog (with her kind permission): Troot in the Shed Yesterday Malcolm Thomson from the Orkney Trout Association came to P6 to start us off with our mini topic – Troot in … Continue reading

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Stocking consents received!

I’m glad to say that all the 7 stocking applications sent last Friday have been accepted and we have received the consents by mail today from Marine Scotland. This means that we’ll be allowed to release our unfed fry in … Continue reading

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Introducing fish, fry or ova…

As our 5th edition of “Troot in the Shed” is about to start in the next couple of weeks, it was the perfect time to fill in all those forms to apply for the future release of our fry. Releasing … Continue reading

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