Troot activities at North Walls!

These are the beautiful photos I received  yesterday from North Walls. Adele, Andrew, Ben, Cameron and Molly to name but a few, explained how they used the data from their mini-hatchery to produce graphs during maths classes and how they managed to take those great shots by using a microscope linked to a laptop. Details of alevins are very difficult to capture but the North Walls pupils, thanks to a very clever use of ICT have managed to produce these during a science class.

Apart from studying the alevins closely, they’ve also done a very good job at looking after their ova as they only lost about 10 since the project  started.

Congratulations to them and their current  teacher Ms Allen!

Photos taken by the North Walls pupils.

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1 Response to Troot activities at North Walls!

  1. Moira Groat says:

    Well done to ClassTwo pupils at North Walls School for the great photos. They are very interesting!

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