KGS release their alevins in the Wideford Burn (Inganess)

The KGS pupils and their teacher releasing the alevins in the Wideford Burn.

It was on March 18th that Mr. Ewing and his dedicated team from KGS met at Inganess Beach to release the  alevins they hatched in the school shed. Spring was in the air and it was a glorious day which seemed just perfect to set the small trout  free in the crystal clear water of the Wideford Burn. This burn not only holds a small population of  brown trout but is also one of the main spawning burns for our migratory sea-trout.  

However, what should have been a great start for the small trout ended in a rather tragic way when last Monday night, merely a week after the fish were released, we were alerted about a severe case of pollution in this very burn. Most if not all of the fish population in the Wideford Burn was wiped out and the source of the pollution is still being investigated. This is a serious blow to the environment but also  to our project as we were planning to come back in June or September to monitor the growth of our trout using electro-fishing equipment.  

One of the casualties of pollution at the Wideford Burn (27/03/12).

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