Alevins released on Sanday!

The Sanday school pupils releasing the alevins into Bea Loch

It was a rather breezy day, this 20th March, when it was decided that the time had come to part company with the small fish we had been watching grow in the school since January.  The alevins’ yolk sacs (their own food supply) were shrinking day by day and it was time for them to start life as  “real” trout and fend for themselves in the loch.

Thirty pupils from Primary 4 to Secondary 2 and seven members of staff and parents gathered on the shore of Bea Loch and let slip the 250 miniature troot, measuring 20mm, amongst the waves.

Needless to say that the next few years will be very tough for the little fish which will be facing a lot of dangers, from birds and otters but also from their older counterparts which, as some may know, can reach over 10 lbs in this loch!

The visit to the loch was not just about fish as Mr. Thorne, the Sanday ranger, joined us and explained why the loch was such a special environment for a wide range of wildlife, like swans, many different species of ducks and otters.

Well done to all pupils and staff involved for making the project such a success!

Mr. P

Alevins about to be released

More alevins to be released...


Mr. Thorne, telling the Sanday pupils why our loch is such a special habitat.

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5 Responses to Alevins released on Sanday!

  1. Kristen Muir, Sanday School says:

    We all had an interesting, yet slightly cold and soggy, morning at the loch! I hope the peedie alevins will do alright, and that they made it to the bottom of the loch quickly and safely (those waves on the loch were impressive).

    Really glad we got the chance to be involved with this project. Thank you very much, Mr P, for all your hard work 🙂

  2. Bryony (sanday) says:

    Glad i was Not I’ll Then.Thank You So Much It Has Been a Pleaser Doing This With You Mr P. Hope we do it Next year

  3. Kacey, Ethan, Arran, Niamh (Sanday School) says:

    Very cool project Mr. P!!! We would love to do the troot in the shed again we all enjoyed it!!! 😀

  4. Mr Pietri says:

    Hi folks!
    I’m really pleased you enjoyed the project so much and I’m already looking forward to running “Troot in the Shed 2013” on Sanday!
    This year has been a real success and we have hardly lost any eggs or any alevins thanks to the great job you’ve done at checking the tank everyday. I hope you also learned a lot about the trout’s life cycle and its environment.
    Well done to all staff and pupils who helped with the project!

  5. Johnny (Stronsay school) says:

    This sounds realy intEresting.I wish I was there too, as well as releasing them on stronsay!

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