Alevins released on Stronsay!

The alevins have been transfered into sandwich bags...

 The first “Troot in the Shed 2012” batch of alevins were released today on Stronsay into the Meikle Water. The Upper Primary class and the “Peedie AFYDs” (Ben, Matthew and Natalie), all put on their wellie boots and waterproofs and headed for the loch to bid farewell to the 250 small fish they saw hatching  4 weeks ago. The alevins’ yolk sacs were almost reabsorbed and this meant it was time to let the fish go to feed and grow in the loch. Let’s hope that these youngsters get to see some of these fish again in a few years!

Special thanks to Mrs. Bowen for joining us on the trip, Natalie for her photography skills and Matthew and Ben for the videos.

and are ready to be released into Meikle Water...


in the shelter of a weed bed.

Rebecca releasing her alevins into the wild...

A newly released alevin: camouflage at its best!

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4 Responses to Alevins released on Stronsay!

  1. Johnny (Stronsay School) says:

    I am happy that we have released the alvins and I like the fact they are now free!

  2. Mr Pietri says:

    Hi Johnny,
    You’re right, it was time to let them go! We’ve done a good job this year and after the bad spell of 50 odd alevins which died a couple of weeks ago, we haven’t lost many. Hope they fare well and that some of you guys manage to land them in a few years, once they have put on a bit of weight!


  3. Johnny (Stronsay school) says:

    I hope that we get to release the alevins again and I realy enjoyed it.

  4. Mr Pietri says:

    Thanks for your message Johnny and I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m really hoping to run the project next year again!

    Mr. P

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