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Fly-tying on Sanday with Primary 4,5,6 & 7

    Over the last two days, the primary 4, 5, 6 & 7 learnt the basics of fly-tying, while working on the Arctic Explorers. As you can see on the pictures, the results of their first attemps at tying … Continue reading

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All ova hatched on Sanday (at last…)

When the first ova hatched at the Sanday mini-hatchery 10 days ago, we were looking forward to seeing the bottom of the tank crawling with the transluscent pinky-orange alevins within a matter of hours or days. However, we’ve had to … Continue reading

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Hatching has started on Sanday!

Sanday’s underway, only 2 or 3 days after Stronsay and Kirkwall Grammar. Only a few alevins had hatched by this morning, including the star of the show: Trevor the Trout (named by Kacey, Sam and Dennis) and easily recognisable with … Continue reading

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All eggs hatched at Kirkwall Grammar!

Most of the eggs have now hatched at KGS, apart from a dozen or so. Froth is always an indicator that the hatching process is under way, but have a look at the picture, it’s as if somebody poured in … Continue reading

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All Stronsay ova hatched!

One of the alevins hatched yesterday at the Stronsay School (Click on picture to zoom in)  All the Stronsay alevins have hatched by now! This morning, only a few eggs were left on the mesh frame so it was decided … Continue reading

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First alevins on Stronsay and at Kirkwall Grammar!!!

BIG DAY TODAY!!! On the “Troot in the Shed 2012” Homepage, reports have been coming in this morning that the first ova have hatched on Stronsay and in KGS! From Stronsay, Keith and Craig reported about two dozen alevins first, … Continue reading

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Update on the Stronsay ova

Eyes are now clearly visible on the ova at the Stronsay mini-hatchery. Even though the water temperature is on average 4 or 5ºC warmer than on Sanday or at KGS (due to 2 freezers in the shed!) it doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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